wouldn't you like to be a pixie too
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2002-06-08 20:12:05 (UTC)

arts fest--congregation of the annoying masses

so today we (me, morgan, michelle, andy, ric) went down to
the arts festival to try to flyer for the roulette show.
MY GOD i never knew it was a haven for every old person and
yuppie who wanted to get out of the house this weekend and
see some art and "culture" cuz that's the "thing to do"--
nevermind the fact that they never buy anything except
stupid tiki torches for their kids and $10
chicken-on-a-stick and caricatures of themselves with big
heads playing tennis and $250 earrings that are smaller
than my thumbnail from some "craftsman"/owner of a twinkle
ding dong shop in SpringBreakRichFolksResortTown, Florida
so none of the REAL artists there will ever make enough
money to live to see the next arts festival.
we ended up selectively flyering to gayboys, dykes, and
people who looked a little on the freaky side. oh, and
jason and rebecca. i almost didn't see them. but there
was jason with his little salvador dali/old west curled-up-
at-the-ends mustache and cute-as-a-button rebecca. they're
going to the rasputina concert tomorrow! huzzah!

all in all, i got a little sunburnt, we passed out some
flyers, walked till i was blistered, and hopefully it'll get
us some audience. then mo and i had some nachos and poppers
from mac's and ran up to evolved (
to get our tattoos looked at. we're going next sunday for
STICKING TO MY NECK! i can hardly wait....
now all i have to do is take a shower and head on down to
the old madlab to run some sound effects. will it ever

okay, i'll stop boring everybody now.

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