Life of Joolz
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2001-06-17 07:51:44 (UTC)

Sunday 17th June 2001

Haven't wrote since Thursday coz I've been decorating. Too
busy to write and too hectic. It's 8.40am now and at last
it's stopped siling it down. Very cold though for June and
I might as well be decorating anyway!

Took ginnies to vets Saturday morning and they have to go
again next Saturday. My mental health report is fair to
middling and bum pain 4/10 (not bad)

On Friday night I started painting the woodwork in the
hallway and staircase-skirting
boards/bannister/spindles/door casings. That took till
about 10pm then I started the doors on Saturday. That took
all afternoon and I finished at 7.30pm. Andrew took me to
focus and spent £94.00 on materials. Bought new sheepskin
roller and tray, and a 1" paintbrush too. I have never
stopped since finishing work on Friday afternoon. Enjoying
the painting though-it's worth it when it's done. Thing is
I can't stop once I've started-if it wasn't for Ron nagging
me to stop I would carry on all night!!
Colours I chose were different after all:

Lounge: Silk emulsion -Biscotti
Woodwork paint:Marshmallow
Ceiling:Barely there.

Hallway and staircase: Brilliant white silk emulsion for
walls and same for woodwork--boring but safe. At least it
goes with burgundy carpet. Today I am going to emulsion
hallway walls starting downstairs, then do lounge and
ceiling either next weekend or when I'm off on leave for a
week on 30th June.
Lounge curtains need cleaning, must remember to arrange

Food for friday in brief:
Food for saturday in brief:Quorn fajitas/few chip shop
Last thing to report-weight 8stone 9lbs on Friday-must make
sure it doesn't go any lower than that, especially with
calories I'm burning decorating.
Right I'm off!!!!!!!!

8.15pm-just had my tea and finished emulsioning-am knackered now.
Looks good. Too tired to write much-Shoizza rang for 35 mins at 6ish
and we had good chinwag about van's wedding arrangements.

Today's food:
Breakfast: Orange juice
Lunch: Lentil soup and butterbeans, wholemeal bread bun, 2 choc
biscuits(for energy due to decorating)
Evening meal: Organic pizza with extra cheese and garlic mushrooms,
beans,a few oven chips, (no salad coz can't be bothered-too tired)
Will have raspberry turnover as treat tonight in bed.

Computer is funny-when it hibernates I cannot get screen back unless
I turn it off-even control/alt/delete doesn't work! Don't know what
the matter is-can't figure it out. Bolox to it.

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