Nothing But Time
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2001-06-17 06:14:04 (UTC)

My Crazy Life

Sometimes I feel like I just blend into the wall. I feel
afraid that I will never be a part of anything special and
that I'll just fade away into nothingness,.... and that
terrifies me. Everyday I wish that I was someone else in a
different place living a normal and productive life, not
trapped in a cage of hypocracy and regret that I can never
escape. I want to know that someone can love me completely
(not just my parents or family), but a complete stranger
who learns everything about me, all my faults and short-
comings, and still could love with everything,..... love me
so mucht that it hurts to be away. Everyone life is seeking
something, and this is what I seek......... a perfect world
wiht no pain, a world where people don't live in fear of
other people and there are no head games that lead to self-