The Story of my Life
2002-06-08 17:20:12 (UTC)

Nathan deBest

I have a new boyfriend. (Raul & I broke up) Nate is my
sweetie. He's 18, a senior (graduating tonight), and is
hawaiian. He's gonna be moving to hawaii at the end of the
summer to go to college. I love him to death. (not as much
as I did Connor though. But, I don't think that I will ever
love anyone as much as I did Mr. Wallmark) Speaking of
Connor.I swore to my self that I would never fall for
another graduating senior again. Connor & I promised
eachother that we wouldn't get seriously involved, so as not
to hurt ourselves......yet we did anyway. Due to the extreme
devistation I suffered, I swore i wouldn't do that to myself
again. But yeah. I did. I drive myself crazy. Nate is
another virgin boy. That's cool though. I don't know why I
have finally fallen for nate, he wouldn't usually be "my
type". Oh well though-you can't choose who you fall in love
with. He is so sweet, he spoils me. He bought me a cd played
for my car, as a bleated b-day gift. He leaves me notes on
my car, and buys me candy at school. His family is extremely
nice. I adore his mom, dad, and little sis. They were taking
care of Padme' but she ran off. :( But anyways...........I
got promoted at work. I should find out what my raise is
soon. Hmmmmm, I'm gonna go now. song for the day is
"Seasons" by good charlote. Pink panther, and pink converse
shoes rock!