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2001-06-17 05:55:00 (UTC)

Surf, Sun and Skin.....

the most painful place to get a sunburn is the back of your
knees..... and where did i forget to put the lotion? of

yeah, so it has really been like 4 years since i've been to
the beach.... it was a lot of fun, despite some
slight "spatting" near the end (i kinda spent part of the
day with Lauren)..... the waves were pretty decent, not
quite good enough to surfing but next time i'm definitely
taking my boogie board....

so after playing in the waves for a while... did you know
you aren't allowed to touch in the water? never mind, don't
ask me to explain.... so then me and ceely went for a walk
along the beach, that was pleasant.... i pointed out a few
hot guys for her and we checked a few of the life guards
(believe it or not, i'm actually quite straight).... i
enjoyed myself, i don't know about her...... it was
gorgeous weather.... clear blue sky.... hot sun beating
down on me.... ceely exposing almost enough skin for my

it was really good.... with any hope she will want to do
that again sometime soon.... i think we worked the
spat..... so things should go nicely next time as well....
*crosses fingers* i'm gonna try at least.... maybe she will
go with me monday, i'm gonna invite christine first i
think.... then maybe she will want to invite ceely too....
if not, then i'll kick it with just christine and have
lotsa fun that way too.....

lotsa fun....

Every day is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~

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