Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-06-08 16:18:35 (UTC)


In the next few days I am going to give a full accounting
of my life over the past 4 1/2 years...

I have decided this, I guess, because what I have written
here, really doesn't give anyone a sense of who I am.
Nor what I am, nor how I got to the place I am at now.

So, bear with me as I attempt to explain the last 4 years.
It will end I think with the beggining to my first diary

Then I shall explain why I'd not written a diary entry
since October and I why I restarted last month...

I was somewhat vague, and in a mood of self contemplation
that I had not been in, for quite some time.

Mind you, this is of course from my point of view, some
of those events which occurred will be one sided.

I will be entirely honest, I will hold nothing back.

And while I do expect some to judge me, some harshly
and some not. I do hope that you are at the very least
open to the idea, that not everyone is perfect, and that
sometimes people do things for which they know not why
nor for which they have no explanation...

I niether want nor desire pity, compassion, harshness
or anything other than perhaps understanding...

No, I am not an axe-murderer, rapist or psycho-path
running around with blade in his hands...

In case thats what you thought I was getting to.....

So, here I shall stand with open arms...

My demons exposed for all to gaze upon...