The lost little girl
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2002-06-08 16:16:30 (UTC)

oh yeah, what a day...

well today was graduation for my younger friends. not a
whole lot there. i totally fucked up my knee today. we left
the school (chris, jimmie and myself) and i went to go jump
up by jimmie ( btw, we were walking down 104 to the car) and
my leg came down wrong and it swung around jimmie's leg, and
we both went down to the ground. my knee hit first, followed
by his hand. i totally messed my left knee up though, like
it's all cut up and bleeding and stuff. like i have to limp
now..YAY me...lol...well i'm going to steve's party tonight.
i think i'm just gonna write about that tomorrow though,
hopefully i'll remember everything from tonight in the
morning, ..hopefully...anyways..i have to go...got stuff to
do ..love you...byebyebye- janie

daily quote-
"i'm so lucky you have you in my arms again!" - M