Meshed Up
2002-06-08 15:57:21 (UTC)


so picking girls up on the tram the in thing to do

11.00am -- me running to catch the tram at the melbourne
uni tram stop. i get on, walk to the ticket machine to buy
a ticket, and i hear somebody say 'excuse me.' tram starts

so i turn, see this guy with blonde hair and nice blue eyes
and a charming smile. he lifts a hand, says 'hi!'

i say 'hi.'

he pats the empty chair across him. i take my ticket out
and walk to him. i don't sit down.

HIM: i'm james (extends hand)
ME: candice (shakes hand)
HIM: you go to melbourne uni?
ME: uhm... yeah.
HIM: what course are you doing?
ME: media and law (ha! i wish!)
HIM: really! wow.
ME: which uni do you go to?
HIM: oh i'm not studying anymore. i'm a courier.
ME: taking a break from work?
HIM: no not really. just sitting here, riding on the tram.
it's a beautiful day. besides it's a saturday.
ME: you don't work on saturdays?
HIM: no i don't. do you wanna go out?
ME: no.
HIM: awww. you must have a boyfriend or something.
ME: not really.
HIM: you just don't have the time?
ME: something like that.

tram stops. i get off.


i just finished my piano lessons when my piano teacher
(martin) and i started talking about zodiac signs.

HE: what star sign are you under?
ME: cancer.
HE: cancer? oh! (puts a hand to his heart) cancerians are
the most sensitive people. they live life in the raw
and they are easily hurt. so easily hurt. does that
describe you?
ME: err..kinda....
HE: yes and there are two kinds of cancerians. the first
kind is the one who disguises everything she's feeling,
and the second kind lets everybody know how she's
feeling. which one are you?
ME: i think i'm more like the first kind.
HE: oh i'm telling you. you suffer more if you do that. you
suffer more.


1.56am -- dammit getting pissed off again. a person is
bullshitting me big time.

i should control my anger.

fuck this.