2002-06-08 14:39:30 (UTC)


I showed up at Honda at 5:15. I didn't see any of her
vehicles in the lot so I just left. Guess she got out
early. Before that I was playing golf at Rustic Ridge in
Eldrige. I was going to go to Emeis, but they were full.
So were about 5 other golf courses that I called. It was
pretty cool playing out there coz the planes were flying
over head from the air show thats going on this weekend. I
also got a little tan from being in those open areas. I
bet I'm tanner than she is.(hahaha) Of course its more of
a farmers tan coz the rest of my body isn't that tan. One
of these day I'm gonna work on that though, outside. Coal
Valley Days are going on this weekend. Thats where I did
my karaoke last year. I'm thinking about going out there
but I'm not quite sure when it starts. Seems like it was
about 2 or 3 last year. There are certain songs in my head
that I would like to sing if they have them. If they have
the Calling's "Wherever you will go", then I'm gonna sing
that one for her. That was the song that we used to talk
about at work. She said that I looked like the lead
singer. Well I don't know about that, but I bet I'm a
better singer.(haha) Right now I'm just waiting here
patiently (sort of), waiting to see whats gonna happen
next. She may not want me involved right now, but I'm
still gonna wonder whats going on. I'm still gonna wonder
if shes doing alright. Until I hear something different,
I'm gonna keep wondering. Don't worry about me though, I
can handle it. Just give me a heads up when you get the
time. I'll be doing my own thing until that time comes.
Take care. Love you, BYE!!!