Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-06-08 09:11:21 (UTC)

So Confused.....

Current Music: None (for a change)

This is so confusing. After I wrote my last entry about
Michael not liking me he called me. I had just decided that
I was going to give up on him when he went and called. He
definately isn't making it easy for me.

Today has been rather uneventful. I got up, watched tv,
talked on the phone, had a shower, got a new cd, tidied my
room and watched more tv. Very exciting.

I just put on some music. Puddle of Mudd.


Shit. I have tennis tomorrow. There's this one girl in my
team who I hate more than anybody in the whole fucking
world. I'm going to refer to her as Christina. I don't
think she deserves to have her name shown in this journal,
so I've given her a different one. That bitch drove me to
suicide last year. I'm never going to forgive her for the
shit she put me through. She hasn't come to tennis for
about six weeks. She keeps on making up stupid excuses for
why she never shows. LoL. Typical. I'm not at all looking
forward to seeing her. Hardly anything scares me now. I'm
over the whole social-phobia thing. But one thing that
still gives me nightmares is Christina. Fuck. I was feeling
relaxed until I thought about her. I think I need to put on
some Slipknot.

My Plague......fuck I luv this song........

It's one of the ones that you can listen to over and over
again and it never looses it's effect over you.

I think I'll have to listen to this a few times before I
leave for tennis tomorrow. If that bitch says even the
tiniest lil thing bad about me I'm going to grab my racket
and shove it down her fucking throat. Sure, I might be over
reacting, but there is a difference between 'Constructive
Critisism' and 'Stuck Up Rich Girl Hypocritical Mainstream
Bitchy Abuse'.

I think I've said enough. :)

Bye Bye

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