lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-06-08 07:18:13 (UTC)

the L word

ahhhhhhh small children saying "i love you" to their cell
phone-toting 13-year-old girlfriends should NOT be
happening. poop on me. maybe i'm just jealous that i have
no one to say i love you to. hmm. it's been a while.
(not since i could say that i wasn't addicted...) but yeah
summer of love can officially kick in since we're out of
school. shweetness! yeah good stuff.

today was fun...a lot of stuff happened. haha i am so
uninteresting!! ok fine. i took my finals & then we were
going to go to the beach so meg & erin went to go get ready
at their houses and sometime in there, matt and drew and
their little crew (wow, that rhymes! - are you in special
ed?...) decided to just go to the beach. so we didn't go
to the beach. haha. i think they went to oxnard anyway so
uhh yeah sorry i missed it. hmm. and then we stayed at
the pool party and swam and it was pretty fun. i attempted
water polo, and i've learned that i suck. but i still want
to play so haha!! oooh yes, and sydney got in the pool
wearing a dress...and kept yelling "OH MY GOD! I'M SO
responded "well i had to say something!" hmmm. haha great
times. and then i got dressed & we left for the movie & i
got la salsa but by the time my food was ready (haha i
flirted with the hot mexican guy & scored free guac) it was
time for the movie, so we went in and eric meissner put my
food up his shirt, and then he held his arms over his
stomach and pretended he was touching my back and i told
the nice little counter guy "here, i have both of our
tickets" so it didn't look suspicious and i ate my
quesadilla while watching tobey THE CUTEST FORNEY ALIVE
maguire...good movie. but no true forney says "all i can
offer is friendship"...yes i KNOW there's a sequel. can't
wait. but it's one of those harsh, true-to-life stories
that i've experienced personally, so i don't need to see it
replayed onscreen. heh heh.

oh yes. i want to get kissed this summer. the summer
you're 16...that's like juuuuuust right, ya know?? YEAH.
ok i need a boyfriend hella bad. peace.