Bloodstain Sun

The Book Of Counted Sorrows
2001-06-17 03:58:41 (UTC)

Good... then bad... then good again.

As I wrote thismorning today was a good day, after we got
home from Melanie's house it got bad... then I talked to
Cody.. so now it's good.

= Me -sits by you-
why do people have to be such.. asses?
i cant breath
i dunno
i feel all weird n things
well... im obviously un-needed here.. so i guess ill
place myself elsewhere..
im sorry..
-hugs you-
i totally didnt even remember tomorrow was fathers day
-shakes head-
po baby
i dunno what's wrong with me today... i just feel really
weird... numb and stuff
-sighs too-
-hugs back-
i just... wanna curl up somewhere and die. -frown-
geezus, now im all cryin
i dunno
im tired of feeling like this
it's eating me away inside
-goes into hole-
i wish there was no such thing as pain...
-holds mah teddy-
-puts mah visor on you-
innat cute
now you have 2
-pokes you-
-pokes you again-
-lux down-
if i knew.. id tell you
-leans back-
-covers up with blanket- ish cold here
-lux outside-
snowed a couple days ago too
i hate colorado in the winter.. but in the summer its
the moutains are all green and really beautiful
-nods- it is
it's like never hotter then 85 here but its like..
perfect weather
and every time it snows for the first time in the winter
its always a lot
-gglz- n i always jump in the snow drifts w/o much
clothes and get sick
but ish fun
and snowball fights with a bunch of friends are the best
thing bout winter
and i live in such a small town everyone knows eachother
so we just grab a buncha people and go to a field.. i
havent done that in... years now
-sigh- come to think of it i havent had fun in a long
time either
i know..
-hides face in blanket-
life sucks
-crawls under blanket-
-pokes you- wakie wakie
mhm... suuuuuuuuuure
okie then... if you say so
i hava song stuck in mah head