the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-06-08 06:02:54 (UTC)

rolln with my hommies

yup tnight was way eventful I guess I have lepricy b/c like
no one wanted to dance with me .. they are all scared Aaron
will get pissed .. humm so yeah Aaron and i got into
another fight .. he got into a fight at the club with some
little guy .. i almost kicked this gurls butt b/c she was
talking smack .. and like then I drove I-10 home I mean no
big deal and i was late and my mom came in here and was all
blah blah blah .. I was like shut up OMG I wanna move out
I can not take them freaking out about 10 mins not that big
of a deal .. i dunno i told her there was a wreak and thats
why i was late .. and i almost got caught in my story but i
think I saved my ass .. maybe .. I dunno I don't think I
can deal with her crap anymore .. she needs to chill ..
Aaron needs to chill with his anger issues and like I feel
so sorry for Charles .. he likes Tiff and she is all no
way .. he is soooo adorable and she like plays with him ..
I mean we both agree he is just too hot .. and I am like
don't use him .. I think however he is getting feed up with
her ..I think he wants to kick her to the crub and move
on .. I feel so bad for him .. no lie .. i don't understand
why my mom is being such a pain I am almost leagally old
enought to drop her on her ass and walk out .. why the hell
won't they lighten up .. !? bahh I need a hair cut like
whoa .. and I am sooo serious if she says anything to me
about tonight I am going to freak out and not talk to
her .. I am just like bahh bitch and I know she will say
something that will end up getting me grounded b/c she is
not and will never be cool like that .. she is a horriable
mother .. I mean she is my real mom and she acts like a
step mom .. I want her to fuck off .. i dunno .. I really
have no clue what to do .. I can not live in these
conditions ... I really can't .. I am about to have Aaron
drop Alex's rag .. if he hasn;t already b/c Alex is talking
major smack about me and he is going to pay .. like tonight
Aaron was dancing with me after our fight and like this guy
bumps into him and atumaticaly they start arguing and here
we go with my gang this my gun that .. I am gonna get u ..
no your not crap .. I'm gonna pop u .. blah blah blah .. I
mean i was like damn it .. and so yeah that was just to
much for me to handle ..I am about to have a nervous break
down b/c of my mom and all her questions .. and my dad and
all I just can not deal I need a vacation away from all
this .. I just wanna go where no one knows me and just
chill and start over .. humm I talked to Jeff last night
from 10 till 2 .. i hope he did okay at work today .. humm
ne ways yeah I started to remenis about the old days ..
like a year ago .. humm fond memories .. i need to get a
new bathing suit .. humm I am thinking like the one Tiff
has that she never waers .. I think it would look cute on
me .. humm I dunno .. like I wanna be loved is that to much
to ask for .. I want love and leneancy .. like my mom does
not understand .. why is she nice one min and then a bitch
the next .. why can she not just not tell my dad stuff ..
what is her deal I wish she would wisen up .. for realz ..
I dunno .. HUmm freanchy never showed up at the club .. I
wish Tiff liked Charles he is soo cute .. I mean he is
15 .. but still adorable .. he was trying to get her to
Kiss himand she was all no .. and i was like give him
love'n .. I felt bad for him .. they would be so cute
together if only he was older like 3 years older so he
could be our age.. humm I dunno .. in the midst of Aaron
and I fighting he punched the wall and busted his knuckle
open sorta .. I was like humm that was smart .. I dunno I
made him cry .. so hah !
I dunno I think I am offically in the "gang" I am one with
the hommies I am like the queen of the click I guess you
could say .. so there everyone take that and Manda my panda
if you are reading this check this
" roll'n with my hommies ..." ~*~clueless
and tonight at Storm they played Tootsie roll .. you know
that song don't pretend you don't .. hehehe
humm I am tired well kinda so I am going to go .. well till
next time.. ~*~MC