Dirty Fractyl
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2002-06-08 05:38:58 (UTC)

If I could tell the world ten things:

1) You are not unique or special. People like you exist

2) You better invent a good purpose for your life because
you'll be dead soon.

3) Most of what you believe and think was imposed upon you
as a child; you have no true identity of your own.

4) When you meet people, you're meeting an edited version
of who they are. Most everyone puts on some nifty little

5) Drugs are the only plausible escape from reality,
besides sleep, which is a waste of time.

6) You can spend your whole life waiting for love, only to
find it does not exist.

7) Idle threats are not always idle. Look how our country
got ass raped last year.

8) The majority may seem to rule, but it only takes a
minority with proactivity to dethrone that majority.

9) Your health is not a concern to your doctor. He
collects on your illness.

10) Contrary to all you believe, having children will not
leave a legacy behind. Do you really care to promote
whatever your parents pursued just as a cause of being
their progeny?

Lesson of all: We live; we die; we are expendable.