Reality Bites
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2002-06-08 05:24:34 (UTC)

Couldn t think of a clever..

Couldn't think of a clever title. I'm really tierd, I've
been getting ready for my sisters graduation party which is
tomarrow, all day long and I'm really tierd. Not to mention
I went to school which, in itself is draining. I mean, I'm
in a good mood, just have no energy is all.

I went to my cousins graduation tonite. He goes to the
other Catholic school in our town which is more rich and
generally more superficial than my school. I knew a lot of
the people graduating and that was fun for me. I was quiet
though surprisingly. I saw some friends I hadn't seen in
forever and I was going to go sit with my cousins and their
friends cause I just felt like it and they're really funny
so they ususally get me in a good mood, but my friends
really wanted me w/ them, so I did. It was just Jack,
Kevin, Bobby, Trish, Amanda, and Caitlyn. It was fun but I
left after my cousin got his diploma cause I was hella
tierd. I found my mom amidst the millions of people
amazingly and I was like 'I NEED TO GO HOME MOMMY' and she
was bored, so she gladly took me. My friends said they'd
stop to see if I wanted to go with them on the way to a
party they were going to around 1 or 2, but I hope they
dont now cause I can see myself going to bed in oh...10, 20
minutes? lol

Luke was really cute today. He gave me a lot of cute looks
in the hallway through-out the day and durring class he was
just so sweet. He has a game tomarrow that I'm going to
miss un-fortunately, and then I'm supposed to go to this
thing for Chorus tomarrow @ school that everyone has to go
to, but I can't cause of my sister's party so he's bummed.
We did first hook up on the bus to a chorus thing, and last
week at another chorus thing we did the 'meet the parents'.
We were really cute and held hands the whole time.. I
really really like him!! I'm bummed I can't go too but
they'll be a lot of cool people at my house that I'd hate
to miss just to see Luke ya know? Oh well, after finals
I'll have to deal with rarely seeing him, so I guess this
is practice for it. It would really suck if we didn't see
eachother at all over summer, I don't know if I could
handle it, but I guess it's a distinct possiblitly.

I gotta go to bed..lator gators!~Me!~