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2002-06-08 04:33:48 (UTC)

Finally it's Friday...

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I was pimpin' it to L-town. I
got to see some ghettoness. But probably my favorite thing
was the one lane bridge. I also discovered how bad i really
am at pool. I'll definitely be goin back sometime soon...
cause L-town is thuggin w/ Snives and Sacca. When i got
home from Latrobe, i went w/ my friend to see Spiderman. It
was a good movie... but i was just so tired that i fell
asleep during some of it. Today was a great day. School
finally ended. The one word that sums up the whole day
is "Walmart"! HAHA, you should really ask me about that
sometime. Well.. i am gonna try to go to bed now, finally i
might be able to get a decent night's sleep. I dont know
what the weekend will hold.. but now that i think about it,
i believe i have some thing to go to tomorrow. Oh well.