Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-06-08 04:07:58 (UTC)

damn derz a lot to say

where do i start...a couple nitez ago i went shoppin'. and
i made like a big mistake. me and sum of my friendz were
just bein' stupid. decided to steal sum shit. damn were
idiotz. well we got caught. dey called our mommaz. damn we
were in sum shit. jenn and steph, 2 of my 3 best friendz. i
cant see n e more. well for a LONG time. i still cant
believe i did dat. i mean i completely ruined just 'bout my
whole summa. i'm so stupid. i will barely see dem dis
summa. and stephz goin' to a different high school. so i
dunno. i just hope we dont lose touch. and i dunno jenn and
me mtie not even be as close. it jsut seemz as though
everything is changin' and dat i cant do anythin' 'bout it.
like everythin' is over my head. so datz friendz. here goez
da confusinezz wit guyz. i think i'm just 'bout ova hector.
and den i started likin' andrew more dan i did. and da
strange thing is i usually hate bein' in relationshipz wit
guyz, but wit him itz like different. for once i wanted to
be wit sumone. and den da otha nite andrew told me he just
whuz messin' around wit gurlz and it completely pissed me
off. and i dunno. i'm really confused 'bout wut i want now.
i thought i had a lot to say but it dont seem like dat
much. n e wayz i'm done for now.

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