Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
2001-06-16 23:44:50 (UTC)


This Week has been REAL REAL BUSY!!!! Most of it was so hot
and unbearable! We have no air conditioning in this
house..but today and yesteraday were cool from the rain.
This past week I had a day basketball camp for four days for
about 2hrs a day. It was fun. I got a trophey the last day
for being in 1st place for the hotshot. Thats where you can
see how many baskets you can make in 30 sec. That was
exciting. Now i start another one this week in another town
that is longer. But it should be better. I hope i learn
more. Anyway, my sister is now 16.. what a nightmare!!!!
This summer I am going to be sooooo busy!!! Camping, camps,
beach, friends, parties, busy busy busy. We had out 1st
softball game. I made 4 outs and scored 2 points for out
team. We lost in the last inning cuz someone hit a homerun
and it was unlimited runs. Other wise we would have won. I
played at 1st base the whole game, so that was good. Well I
will try and write later!!


PS: My room is getting re-done and I can't wait to see it!!

Yours Truly

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