David's Odyssey
2001-06-16 23:40:46 (UTC)

Later that night...

Just got done discussing the tour shit with Jacob and
Stefan. Guess no Ryan cause he was out doing his thing
trying to look for places for us to play at in NH.

What we have come up with so far is pretty kewl I think.
We decided on a name for the tour, the Summer of Sin tour.
Got a nice ring to it I think LOL. Even thought its only
two weeks we all agreed that we needed a name for the tour
to get the people attention and bring them in.

Which brings me to the fliers I will be making here at home
starting tomorrow and throughout the week. Jacob is going
to be distributing them all about Rochester, Portsmith, and
Kittery (think thats how you spell the town.) Me on the
other hand, I will be placing them all over Canada, Bangor,
Augusta, and Portland.

As for the towns and dates we are not sure yet. I will be
going to see the person tomorrow about signing ACIDtripp
into the talent show going on here in Eastport over the 4th
of July. I know we got that one covered cause they will
let anyone in. Other ideas mentioned was playing gigs at
The Spectrum in Bangor, theres a bar in Augusta my brother
told me about that he will look into for me. Ryan is going
to ask about playing again at The Inferno in Rochester and
finding out about anything going on Hampton Beach for a few
days. So right now things look really good. Got a good
feeling about it all coming together.

Ryans mom is going to go out Monday and do some clothing
searches and make our costumes again for us. She rocks!
Then when they are all here over the 4th, I got an
appointment all set up to go to the photo place here and
get some pics done by some pros for the band, promo stuff i
guess you would say.

Now all we got to do is a play list set and figure out what
we will be playing. Do we play old, new, or both? I am
thinking that it really dosnt matter. Old and new would be
kewl i think. Also I been doing some writing of our own
original stuff. Doing that on my little weed breaks, its
when the best creativity comes from me. And I mean best
*evil grin* LOL