The Black Hole
2001-06-16 23:31:47 (UTC)

Sweet 16!!

Yeah!!! I am finally 16! I turned it on the 14th! I have
my driving test on Tues. I know I am not going to pass, but
I really am going to try.

My friend Melissa wrote an e-mail to Jake and he has not
writen back! I don't know what to do! I can not stop
thinking about him. SOmetimes it seems as though he likes
me you know realllllly like me and other times its as if he
does'nt know me. GUys drive me crazy!

I finally got the American Hi-Fi CD! Its all I listen to
now! Wow...

I'm at my dads. I'm pretty much doing nothing. I hate it
here. I mean sometimes its fun, but most of the time its
just the know like ..hmmm Actully I don't know
how to explain it but I'm sure you know what I mean because
this is me!

I'm not sure if I already wrote this but PAul asked me out
twice. The first time in a leter the second time in person

My youth pastor DRIVES ME CRAZY!! He wants everything for
his self and not us! ARG I know this is mean but I think I
hate him...I mean strongley dislike him! He will NOT listen
to us at all.

Hey talk to ya later

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