Visions Of Life
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2002-06-08 02:45:37 (UTC)


Last night was erotically wonderful. I am mighty pleased.
And I am going to play pool tonight. Yay!!! Yay!! Hmmmm..
My entries have been lacking an edge lately. I think I used
up my creativity whilst I was losing my mind a few days
ago. *sigh* Still no job. Rah Rah. Im about to go sell
myself on colfa.. grrr grrr.. I need money and i also need
to be working to get rid of some of the domestic tension. I
hate not working. I feel worthless.

Ya know, Ive been in a goddess-eque mod lately. I think I
rock. lol.. Normally I hate myself and think i suck and
think im hideous and bitchy and stupid and all sorts of bad
bad things. My bf yells at me for hating myself so much.
Anyways.. Lately I have been thinking way too highly of
myself. lol. Maybe too highly.. Dun Dun Dun.. I am going to
transfer my online diary to a hardcover written diary and
have both. The paper one can be auctioned off to the
highest or cutest bidder after my death. lol. Assuming Im
important enough to have my random thoughts auctioned.

I have liquid latex and a webcam!! Muahahahaha!! Time to
have some white latexy fun on film!! Yeeee---ah.. lol.. Too
bad my current computer sucks and cant use a webcam and too
bad i dont have a sponge applicator.. I should open a pay
site.. lol.. But I dont think the world wants to see a
chubby lil freak girl playing with latex and produce and a
snake.. wait.. ive said too much.. damn me for sharing my
personal life *grin*

Did I mention that Im a non sexual hooker. People pay me
just to spent time in my wonderous presence.. lol

Im a tid bit flirtacious.. la de da.. Since im kind of
attached, i have no fear of rejection. ill make an ass of
myself and not care. I have someone to come home to. *sigh8
i love him so much. I'm a fooooool, for you.. it make take
awhile.. ack! Alan Jackson! Eek!

I love Disney...

14 days till my birthday. 2 weeks!! 2 weeks!! Yay!! Not
like 20 is very important but i wont be a friggin
teenager.. lol

Ta ta

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