Jess's fucked up little life
2001-06-16 23:19:09 (UTC)


whats hapennin, well we ahve celebrated Joemommas Birthday
in last few days. My family had a party for him, witch I
thought was really nice. Just to except him in to ourt
family. It made him feel really good. I have been getting
a tan for the first time in the history of Jesseca Paul.
It excites me cause I have even lived in arizona and I
couldnt get a tan. But some reason its happenin. Our lives
are a little stressful right now cause, Joe is pushing me
more and more very day to get a Job. Its not that, I dont
want to get a Job, its that more transportation is all
fucked up. Man I wish I was workin. Joe and Jeremy went
to the mall to pick up Chiks or somethin, im not sure,
cause i sure wasnt wanted. anyways me and Krit are going
out for a few hours tonite just to get away. we are suppost
to have T-storms for like the whole day, that is such a
bummer man. I just want to be outside. Playin in the sun.
I got sauce all over the wall today. I threw my spatula
into the bathroom and got sauce every where, and on
everything. I dont plan On cleanin it up anytime soon. Im
bein lazy these days. Joe tried to do the dishes today
but, im not even sure why he even tries cause he can never
finish what he started. He does it all the time. its like
dont even do it, if you cant finish them. he leaves all
the shitty water in the sink for me to touch when i got to
pull the plug. God Damn . Its been so dark all day, but
its so cool. Its been really hot all week. like up in the
90's man thats a killer around these neck of the woods,
with the humidity so high. I might even want to croak.
heat stroke or somethin. its 7:16 on a saturday. of
june. Im not sure of the date. its the 16th. I think
were getting drunk tonite but im not sure. I like this shit
called smirnof, its fuckin good shi. I havent gotten drunk
since memorial day weekend. god man, im just full of life,
or shit today. Im not sure wich one it is. god the
breeze is being a fuckin bitch right now cause its so cold
and thier is a mist getting on me. Im so glad that Joe
has made a friend. It makes me so happy you know? That
he can have a friend too. He is to skippy. hehehe. aight
its cold gotta go`Peace~