heaven's tearz
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2001-06-16 22:30:07 (UTC)

I[ hahaha ]I

first before i wrote about my day.. it is so funny wha
people say to others..haha someone left a dumb email about
my diary.. i think they were mad coz da only ass they get
is da one from their momz...haha i dont blame u for
hatin..i mean damn ... just coz u lost ur virginity to ur
momz and u think u'r momz da hottest shiet dont hate on wha
i am talkin about. i feel very sorrie for u... wha is ur
email address again..Ooh yeah..
Nutty_ cone_ 2007
i gueess ur mom was too busy suckin ur d*ck to teach u dat
if u aint got nuttin good to say to anyone to stfu. but den
trailor trash like u..i wouldnt blame. u must be readin dis
coz i kno u are way too involved in my life .. i kno u
are..u full of sadness..i really feel sorrie for u.