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2002-06-08 01:16:07 (UTC)


so today has been pretty blah..

I got to bed around three last night.. I have to buy new
bed rails, its all mishappen right now.. but anyways got to
bed at three.. was crocheting.. lol

left bf's at 12, he had a massive migraine.. so I gave him
some advil, stayed for like 15 mins or so to make sure he
was ok and went home..

had to listen to some cooworkers talk about their
significant others today.. and it made me feel really good.
because they were griping about this and that.. and I
didn't have anything to gripe about.. I just sat there and
smiled. Which made them sick. *big grin*

really looking forward to this weekend. don't know what I'm
going to do tonight. my friends talking about going out..
but I don't really feel like it.. I know shes getting
really jealous of my b.f., but hey I'd rather go out and
drink with him.. I have more fun and he's not going to act
stupid... like she sometimes does.

so I've decided to stop being such a paranoid freak..
worrying about silly stuff.. I'm just going to smile and
enjoy myself. =)