A Princess
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2001-06-16 22:27:44 (UTC)


Just a warning to my baby dont ring me because I sound
strange :( Ya know fly Ill take that as a compliment not my
fault I was deaded :( Anwayz my lil baby has gone to the
fair to win me something, muhahahaha, ya know what Big D
(aka Mr. Diary) kelly called chris a *BLEEP* awww hehe, she
gets so jealous I was like hes cute and she was like only
when he likes u, wow im turning into an american, like
totally. Ive got a headache owww :( I need my baby 2 make me
feel better. Well 2moros fathers dayso i doubt I'll get
online much :( I also have approx...4 pieces of coursework
:( Well my heads hurting and Im tired, Night Night sweet
dreams D'y

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