something wycked
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2002-06-08 00:25:14 (UTC)

Maybe in the next life

Music: none

I had the strangest dream last nite.For some reason, I dreamed
about Jasons girlfriend!When I awoke,I finaly realized that I have a
MAD crush on this girl!!!!! Problem??? She has a boyfriend!!Her name
is christine,and she is fucking HOT!!!!!

Music: DJ encore "I see right through to you"

Still trippin over this dream I had.I mean I always thought she
was cute,but never knew I liked her this much!Maybe I should ask her
if she wants to go out sometime.(Did I mention that her boyfriend is
in jail?)They appear happy for the most part,though sometimes I think
she deserves to be treated better.Who am I kidding,I would never have
a chance with a chick like her!!Besides,I always try not to come
between chicks and their b/f.

Music: Linkin Park "with you"

Would I be wrong if I were to ask her out?I mean,technicly,she
does have a boyfriend,but how can he be there for her like he should
from behind bars?Not only is she super fine,but total sweety as well!
She realy deserves more than wasting 6 years of her
life,lonely,waiting for him to get out.Anyways,That is her decision
to make.

So I have decided that it's prolly a good idea to keep my
distance from her,and save myself the terrible feelings that
accompany rejection.She would never look twice at someone like me.
Besides,I don't have much of anything to offer,and though I would
treat her like a princess,I know that in reality I haven't the
slightest chance.She is totaly clueless that I'm crushing this hard.
That's for the better though.If she knew,she would prolly get all
wierd,and I might loose her as a friend.I guess I'll admire her from
a distance.Oh well,maybe in the next life,right?