Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-07 23:33:47 (UTC)

Late update. If posted on the correct day I'd probably call it "Stay Away from the Summoner!"

Graeme came to visit me at home on the 6th. He brought
Final Fantasy X and the leather coat, just like he said he
would. Final Fantasy X is more brilliant than I ever dared
imagine. The graphics are so cool! I've only got to the
bit where Yuna's ship crashes into some town but I'm
hooked already. I miss hanging with Graeme, its always
funny. Namely because we take the piss out of all the same
things. He works at ASDA as well now, as well as living in
Falkirk. ASDA is such a bastard even if it is a franchise
of supermarkets bought over by Wal-Mart (or the other way)
and therefore has no capacity to be a bastard that keeps
eating my friends' spare time. I guess everyone's done
their exams now. Andrew's gone by now I guess. Off to
Florida or wherever. Don't think anything else of ay value
happened. Well I did take the drastic action of not
sleeping on Wednesday night after a slight booze binge in
an attempt to regain a normal sleeping pattern. I also had
a few shots of vodka tonight to aid the sleping process.
It's 12.30pm and am watching big brother. We'll see if I
can sleep normally again. After big brother. Promise...