something wycked
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2002-06-07 21:05:17 (UTC)

What the fuck?

Music:DJ Encore "I see right through to you"

O.K. so yesterday I was a little depressed.Well maybe
alot depressed.I must have left all that in dreamland last
night.I feel good today.Anna still hasn't returned my call,
but for some reason,I'm not too concerned about it.She is
at work right now,I think she'll call tonite.

Music:Sum 41 "motivation"

I've decided not to wait around by the phone for Anna to
call.I'm going fishing.If I wait around all day,and she
doesn't call, I'll feel like a bird flew by and took a
giant shit on my head!!Funny thing about bird shit,that
white spot in the middle is bird shit too!!!Anyways I am
taking my usual outlook on things today,as it always seems
to work for me.Had a little trouble getting to sleep last
nite.Prolly all the caffine I drank!

Music: Nappy Roots "aww naww"

I am sooo hyper today, I need to burn off some excess
energy!Drew stopped by today on his lunch break,He just
wanted a favor from me, but I was still happy to see him.
My goal for today is not to get drunk and emotional about
shit.I do that from time to time.Don't thimk it'll be to
hard to accomplish.

Music: Godsmack "I stand alone"

How I do love Godsmack!!Sully always writes about shit
that I totally relate to.Gots a job interview monday at 3:15
It'll be my second one with this company,so I'm confident
that I WILL get this job.It's only part time, but anything
is better than what I have right now!I mean what the
fuck,right?Instead of feeling like spam jelly today,
I feel more like ocean water.A bit salty,but still cool
and refreshing.My horoscope has been telling me just to
cool out,and not play too much into anything right
now.Sounds good to me.I read Anna's horoscope too.
I think both of ours are definately referring to us.
I'm not too sure how much validity to place on astrology.
I must say though,I am a scorpio, and I display most all of
the trade mark personality traits.Oh well, I guess time
will tell.I'm gonna concentrate on the priorities in my
life,which lately seem to be all out of wack!Over all I
would have to say it's good to be me today!!!!!!!!

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