Mysterious Attitude
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2001-06-16 19:36:32 (UTC)

I'm Back!!! Hehe... bout time huh?¿

Whatcha know.... I'm fianlly back.... I changed my username
and the name of my diary.. and I will be writin everyday
again... my last entry was June 2.. I think so I will try
my best to remember everything that happened within all
then days... but I first should tell everyone why I stopped
writing in the first place... well if u have read my other
entries u will see that I wrote bout my "online" boyfriend
John.. and that I also was wrote bout Jack... this guy that
I like.. well John sumhow read my diary.. and he got all
pissed at me.. cuz I wasn't faithful to him... so I set my
diary as unpublic.. and stopped writing all together... but
I deciced to set my diary back as public... but to change
my user name and name of diary so John couldn't find it...
So yeah...now I'm back.. and I'm starting all over!! First
of all... I'm goin to tell everyone sum things bout me..
and then I will write bout all the things that have
happened... not in any special order... just in whatever
way I can remember them...they will be on a separate enrty
cuz I have a lot to say bout myself... lol :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~All Bout Me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Name: Helena
Nicknames: Hele or Boo= HeleBoo
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Location: E.C. Indiana near Hammond
Age: 13 soon to be 14
Birtday: Oct. 24 (So I'm a Scorpio and Libra.. cuz my birthday is on
the border line)
Sex: Female
Virgin?¿ Yup.. all I have done is kiss a guy
Closest Friends: Andria(she's 13 almost 14), Kelly(she's 20 I
think),Rach(she's 15 I think), John(he's 23), and Jack(he's 18)
School & Grade: WestSide Middle... I'll be in 8th
Marital Status:Single... unless u count my online
relationship with John.. who yes I do love.. and I also
like Jack... another boy who I met from online.. that I
talk to on the phone with everyday... and he lives bout 2
blocks away from my mom's work..
Hobbies: Listenin to music..( Which is the only thing that
is keeping me sane), writing poetry(if u wanna read it..
write me an email and i will send my poems to u) talking
online to my friends, talkin on the phone, singing,
reading, and everything else sumone my age does :)

Am I straight, bi, or what?¿ If u have read my older
entries u will see that I'm bi-curious.. but I have never
done anything with a gurl... not yet anyhow and don't let
this make u sick in anyway... if it does.. I am not forcing
u to read my diary.. so if u have a problem with sumthing..
I don't know what to tell u... sry if I sound mean.. but
everything I write bout is my life.. and no one can change

Ever done drugs: Nope.. I'm totally drug free..I won't even
take medicine a doctor gives me..

Any scars or broken bones: Yes...3 scars I got a lil scar
on my face.. to the left of my lip...but I don't know where
it came from, I have a scar on my chest from a tube thingy
that I had to have when I had the cancer, and another one
from the same tube on my neck... and I have had my left
wrist and left pinky finger broken

Sisters or Brothers: I have a half sister..we have the same
dad... different moms... Krystal, she is 18 and has a
child.. who I love with all my heart!! :)

Sum of Hele's Fav Things:

Colors: Purple, Blue, Green, & Black
Singers: Prince is my most fav.. but I love BSB, Ginuwine,
112, Boyz 2 Men, 2Pac,Jon B, and many more..
Kinds of music: Rap, R&B, Freestyle, Rock,umm... lets
say... everything but country... which I have a reason for
not liking.. wanna know the reason? Email me.. and ask :)
Songs: I have so many... but my most fav... has to be the
song "Don't Talk" by Jon B

Other Things Bout Me:

When I was 2.. I got ALL a type of blood cancer.. but don't
worry I'm in remission now.. which means that its gone..
well sumwhat anyway :) So I'm all good
Not to long ago I was in a place called Dyer.. kinda of
like a crazy house for teenagers... like a place where u
talk bout your problems... well I had my mom take me up
there..cuz I was having thoughts of suicide.. but after
being there for not even a full day.. i had my mother take
me take me home.. when she came to visit me.Since then... I
have been going to a counselor... but I haven't been to her
for a long time... bout 5 weeks now..
I was depressed for bout 3 years at one time... so much
was happening...My weight was one thing that made me
depressed.. so at one time I stopped eating.. which was a
VERY bad idea cuz all it really did was make me sick ..I
got better and got out of the depression... but lately it
has been coming back.. and I find myself crying a lot.. and
I also have been wanting to cut myself... but it seems like
when I want to.. I can't get the knife to cut or sumthing..
maybe that is telling me.. that I shouldn't be doing it...
I dunno..
Also... if u have read my other entries.. u will also see
that I have had phone sex...I sorta enjoy it.. but then
again I sorta don't.. and yes I am a virgin.. all I have
done is kiss a guy... lol I know what u were thinkin

Ohh yeah... my family is very over protective of me... I guess it's
cuz of me being sick when I was younger.. I dunno but they don't like
me to do anything cuz they are afraid i will hurt myself or that the
cancer will come back.. and by the way... I live in like an apt.. and
my gram and uncle live next door to me... just in case u were
wondering why I'm always at my grams...
Well.. I guess I covered everything bout me..if u would
like to know more bout me.. email me at
[email protected] or just click that lil link that the
bottom that says send feeback for BabyGurl39 :)