Kim's thoughts
2001-06-16 19:27:46 (UTC)


"I'm thinking of my soul's sovereignty and I know everything you hate
in me. Fill me up with over-pious badgerings, to throw them up, oh,
one of my favorite things. Remember all the lessons fed to me? Me the
young sponge, so ready to agree. Years have gone; I recognize the
walking dead now aware that I'm alive and way ahead..." -Incubus

Oh how I hate people. I am so ashamed to be one. It makes me sick to
think that there are people in this world who can be so unwilling to accept things. Emily said to
me, "why do people always hide beind religion?" Why indeed?? That is
so true. I don't understand why people have to be so high-horsed and
Nose-In-The-Air about certain things. They spend their whole fucking
life worshiping God and living their life according to him. What ever
happened to "be yourself" ? Think for your own fuckin self damn it!
They are so tightly held in his grip. Its almost as if he brainwashed
them in to thinking the way he does about whats right and wrong
according to him. Damnit that really pisses me off. If no one ever
told people about God and the whole Bible thing.. I really think
people would think more freely and not be so biggoted. Don't get me
wrong, I believe in him and heaven and hell and everything.. but I
dont let it take over me...cuz then whats left of you if you do?