Bloodstain Sun

The Book Of Counted Sorrows
2001-06-16 18:48:34 (UTC)

A Nice Day.

Lastnight Dave and I went to see 'Tomb Raider', we we're
going to the 9:45 pm show but it was sold out so we went to
the 10:30 show so we had an hour to waste so we went to
Target. The movie was great! Just like the game and very
action packed. I was very suprised at how good it was
considering I heard it wasn't that good. We got home at
almost 1:00am and I, yet again, didn't get to talk to
Travis. -sigh- That's two days in a row now, it really
sucks bad. I miss him and wish he'd get on but it seems
like maybe he's on vacation or something now. -shrugs-
But it's all good, I'm not upset about it at all. Infact it
seems like things are looking up for me. Oh, did I mention
me and Melissa aren't friends anymore? Yes, yes, well, it
was this whole thing that I had to tell Travis about even
tho she didn't want me to so now she hates me which I
really don't care if she does because she's such a bitch to
me and Travis and I don't wanna be friends with someone
that will stab me in the back like she always does, so like
I said, it's all good. Never been happier. Oh and today is Cassidy's
Birthday Party, she's 3 now, WooHoo!