I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-06-07 19:40:48 (UTC)


Well, it's raining right now, and you all know how I feel
about rain. I had to reset the pool timer today to keep
George on his schedule (George is the name of the creepy
crawly [aka pool vac] in my pool. What can I say, the name
came with the house, we bought him pre-named) and managed
to do an excellent job of electrocuting myself. Nice. So,
now George is running, but he keeps insisting on trying to
crawl up and out of the pool. He doesn't seem to realize
that once he is out of water, the vaccuum doesn't work
very well and he gets all full of air and gaseous and it's
just not good. Stupid bastard. It's thundering too,
whoohoo!! and that rocks as well. Had an errand to run
this morning and that was rough as I went to bed late and
had to get up early. Did I mention that I got a 69% on my
myth test? I can't remember from one entry to the next.
Well I did. Sucks. But at least now I know how the tests
are and we will be getting study guides, so I'll bring it
up. I hope she drops one test grade though. Yeah, in my

I want to get laid. (Hank wouldn't appreciate my saying
that. I guess it's a good thing he doesn't read this. TJ
wouldn't like to hear that either. But it's my diary and I
can rant if I want too)