Lady Marmelade

Days of Reality
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2001-06-16 18:12:13 (UTC)

days of reality, hmm...

hmm, my first time writing in this thing. and probably my
last too. i never stay on anything too long. it bores me. i
am always in need of changing in my stupid life. including
changes in clothes, makeup, friends, and bfs. i'm pissed off
right now. my parents are so damn strict, it's not even funny.
they get all third degree on me when a guy calls that they
dont' know. they want to know what kind of friedns i hang
out with. and if my grade avg. is lower than a 90%, they think
i must be doing something that distracts my learning. damn,
they driving me freakin nuts. if this continues, god knows
wat i'm gonna do. probably become bad, like those girls on
jenny jones. 'my crazy teen needs to go to boot camp', my
ass. these girls are bad because their parents drove them
up the damn wall. i'm hiding so much from my parents, it's
not even funny. i seem so open with them, and in a way, i am.
but some things, i just can't talk to them about it. i dont' know,
like wanting to become an actress, i talked to them ONCE
about it when i was like, ten. they got all defenssive and started
lecturing me about that being a bad idea. watever, screw them.
yeah okay, i've released my anger and now i'm happy again.
YAY!!! school's almost over!!! i really hope i get to meet some hot
guy this summer, that'll be the best!