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2001-06-16 18:01:01 (UTC)

:: happy father's day, dadI ::

i couldn't imagine
if God gave mom
another man as her husband
and my father

i couldn't imagine
if i were someone else's daughter

i might be lost now
i might be not the same
person i am now
i might be someone who
has never believed that
true love do exists
in this perishable world
i might have been believed
that men were created
to make women's life miserable
like many cases
i've seen by my very eyes

you never fail to love me
eventhough sometimes i feel
i don't deserve to be loved

you always have forgiveness for me
even when i broke your heart often
but you always have your heart opened
with mercy and love

you are the reflection of
my Father in Heaven's unfailing love
always giving
always blessing
always caring
always listening
never asking anything but
my own good and happiness

once again
i want to let you know
that i am proud to be your daughter
and i love you very much
eventhough i never say it
but you know that i'm lost without you
because you are my shelter,
my strenght

i pray that God will give me
a chance
to make you happy
and proud of me
before the sun goes down

happy father's day, dad.

© :: connie ::™

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