2001-06-16 17:54:44 (UTC)

"Kiss Kiss"

wassup? me, nothing much. i just got back from a softball
ceremony. i made it to all-stars. i love playing softball
so much, and now i can do it over the summer when i don't
have shit else to do.

so, you're wondering why my topic is "kiss kiss"? well,
about 2 weeks ago, antonio and i had a little make out
session in my garage when my mom went out. that was only
the second time that i actually kissed a boy. oh my
goodness. . .that boy can kiss! he can lick a neck, too. he
still goes out with his girlfriend, tanice, but he said
that he's going to dump her in a week. hmmm. . .we'll see.
my friend, boonie, was going to do me a favor and tell
antonio to come over today. boonie goes out with one of my
best friend, clorissa AkA cloe.

yesterday, cloe and i went shopping at the mall. we got
these cute old navy tanktops, old navy visors, and these
cut NY Yankees visors. we g'd up to the feet up.

yesterday was my last day of school. nrique gave me a hug
and tole me that he'll miss me. i'm not all happy about
what he said becuz h probably said that to the whole
school. he's such a flirt, and i didn't realize that before
which is why i thought he liked me. i guess he just acts
that way owards everyone.

this summer i'm going to help my mom around the house.
that's my little summer job. i'm still 14, so i can't get a
job anywhere else. i can't wait until school starts again.
i only like the first week of school, then i want to get
out. finally i'm going to be a sophmore.

well, i'll tell you all that happens with antonio if he
comes today.