Hg(CNO) 2.2
2002-06-07 18:19:32 (UTC)

polaroids from delphi

A. "...why did you call me that, though? i look nothing like
the description. for one, doesn't she have red hair?"

B. periods of time i.e. : aeon, blue moon, chiliad,
duration, eternity, fortnight, hiatus, interim, interlude,
lustrum, May, morning, nanosecond, perpetual night,
sojourn, time-lag, trice, Tuesday, twinkling, window, wink,

(they all passed in five minutes.)

C. the fridge of a lunar moth = 4 12 fl oz cans of pear
nectar, 17 12 fl oz bottles of diet coke.

C1. "don't you eat?"

D. {1 large onion
6 cloves garlic
1 oz fresh ginger
1 lb frozen spinach
1 cup plain yogurt
4 oz buttermilk
2 tsp red chili powder
2 tsp garam marsala
1 cup half and half
6 oz paneer
1/4 tsp salt} rice nan = take out

E. 15). NxQ (??) [chess: how to be a martyr]

F. "what are you doing? don't you have a copy of your

G. another book, another author.

G1. "why are you shaking?"

"i'm nervous. you make me nervous."

"sorry... what am i doing?"

"no, no it's not your fault. "

"oh. (akward silence) do you not want to
read anymore, then?"

"no - i still want to..."

"is it alright if i close my eyes?"

G2. drifting in and out of sentences.

H. clock = 10:39pm

I. "i fell asleep?"


J. lips that taste like wine.

J1. the gist of it: i'm sorry, but you must go. i wish i
could explain, but i don't think you'd understand.

J2. to quote cruz in vanilla sky, "in another life, when
we are both cats."

K. "why are you giving me this?"

"you wanted to know..."

K1. text on 295 and 739 underlined.

K2. the answers are not answers at all. nothing makes

L. tears = a salty fluid that contains antibodies, enzymes &
white blood cells which shield the eyes against infection.
tears clear away small particles that enter the eye. they
also cleanse & moisten the surface...

M. (alone) tracing the constealltions made by the random
indentations on a blanket - first the elongated v of indus
and then y's shadow, sagitta.

N. hajartao hamast 7:10 (english translation)

the heart pounds as always/but now out of rhythm
with time/lost and forgotten at home/... i stand up
dizzy/i'm crumbling away/i walk around on my feet/
walk past myself/clothe myself naked/and then take
it off/woken up but put to sleep/i don't sleep a bit/
the heart stops/doesn't move/...