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2002-06-07 14:46:10 (UTC)


Nick called me last night. He told me that this guy was
gonna come over and beat him up. This guy is dating this
girl that Nick used to see. I don't know if I wrote this
down before or not. Anyway, they found out that they
didn't get along so they've been bad mouthing each other on
the computer. Nick said he wasn't worried about the guy
showing up. He never called me back so I don't think
anything happened. It looks to be a beautiful day today.
I've been thinking about playing golf at Emeis. Thats
right over there off of Locust. I've never played 18 holes
before, but I was thinking about playing 18 and then going
over to Honda. I wonder if she'll be there? Unless
something else comes up, then thats what I'm gonna do. One
would think that the more time we spend a part, the less I
would think about her. That is proving to be untrue. In
the morning when I first wake up especially, she is all
thats on my mind. Maybe when we're together, I don't need
to think as much because I'm with her. On the other hand,
when we're apart, I think about her more coz we're not
doing anything together. I don't know, I just know I miss
her. Everyday. I've never really felt this way about
anyone else before. In a good way of course. She asked me
one time if I thought that it was just infatuation. No, I
don't think it ever was. She was a good friend at first.
Now, she means a lot more to me. How much can only be
decided when and if we get together. All I want is a
chance. That one chance to prove to her that I'm
everything that I say I am. That I'll be the one who will
be there for her when she needs me. Thats what I want to
be. The one she can count on. Time to start my day. Hope
its as good as I think it could be. Take care. Love you,

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