David's Odyssey
2001-06-16 17:01:13 (UTC)

Sexxy Saturday Afternoon

What a night I had lastnight. After I had my little play
time with Dean, we went to the club in Canada and had a few
drinks. Played some pool too and made a little cash. "Who
me? Know how to play pool? Never." LOL

I had alot of fun dancing, drinking, and talking to all my
friends. They was beginning to wonder if I had choosen the
relationship path with Shawn and decided to never show up.
But I told them the deal. How I ditched him, and was ready
for Dade to party again. How excited was they that I was
back in action again LOL. I really missed them alot.

Today though I am feeling really good. There is more info
out on the table now about the ACIDtripp tour this summer.
Talked to Jacob this morning on AOL and we are going to get
everyone togther tonight to be online and discuss what we
are going to do, where we want to play, ect. AND the best
news of all is that Jamie got assed out of the band. YES!

But along with that comes Jacob getting friendly again with
me. Can I handle another BI guy? We always could just
be "buddies" I suppose. I really am just enjoying the
single life again too much and think it will stay that way
for a while.

OK, leaving it as is for now and I will add more later when
I know more about the tour. I really can't wait for this.
Its going to be a good thing and probably the best summer I
will have.