Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-06-07 13:45:50 (UTC)

Am I Goth or Not???

It's actually a website I found many a moon ago...

Am I a Goth or not. Some of my friends, and my ex, have
all at one point or another tried to say that I am. There
are however a vast, ok, a half dozen who say I am not.

I dress in mostly black, I have the pre-req black trench,
the pre-req black boots, and I wear black t-shirts, and
black jeans. My moods, my actions, my disregard for the
conventional wisdom of society seem to reflect said color.

But I don't feel that way half the time. In fact this morning
I am wearing, a pair of blue jeans, and a faded forest green
sweater over a black t-shirt. Now, I am wearing black socks
and black boxers, and my shoes are black, and I admitedly am
probably going to wear the trench, although it doesn't go
with the green or the blue.

So what pray tell does it mean to be goth? I go to the bar
every Thurs/Sat to the Goth/industrial nights, and
occasionally you will catch me wearing the black eyeliner.
My dear friend Gordo wants me in Drag, I told him, when
I am about 160lbs sure, no prob, but I gots to loose about
65 pounds before that happens. He wants me in fishnets,
garters, the full regalia of gothic-ness...

Something tells me I won't pull of looking good as a woman the
way he does. I've seen SOBER guys walk up to him and buy him drinks
in an attempt to get laid.

It's very funny.... You'd have to be there, or see the pix to
know what I mean.

In fact, I just remembered a time when I walked in, black from
head to toe, Gord and I walked into a cafe, there were the obnoixious
guys in the corner table going look at the GOTH! and pointing at me.
Gord flipped his lid, "He's only mostly GOTH, I'm all goth IDIOTS!"
They tried to say something, but I guess we were too scary for
thier mundane little minds.

That a I had more chains and spikes on my old leather jacket I
could probably have hugged them to death...

There are days I feel goth, there are day I don't...

What does it really mean to be Goth?

Is it just a mindset? a fashion statement? or a life style?

Sometimes I just don't know...