ahoy hoy
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2002-06-07 07:00:26 (UTC)

mmm, clasical music

Well I haven’t written in you for a long time. So I guess
should write now…yes … ok then… so I had dinner today and
it made my tummy hurt ever so badly. So I had some
medicine… but as I took I remembered that I was supposed to
throw it away and never take it because it make you die.
It apparently causes your brain to fail you… kinda like a
stroke it think.. Oh well… its only if you take it a lot
though. So am still cool.

So I had a really boring day today I baby sat but that
wasn’t very fun. Nope not at all. Baby cried. Then it
went to sleep. So I watched TV and nothing good was on.
….naps are great I have found out that I really enjoy them.
So I want to win the lottery so I can never work again and
then I can sleep all I want, I can sleep all day and do
read or do stuff at night that would be interesting. I hate
waling up in the morning, I always feel weird and
disoriented. I feel icky, gross and sick. My body is
sore also it totally sucks ass. I hate it.
Ewww lately my mom has been getting on my nerves. I don’t
know what but when ever she opens her mouth to say
something it bothers me, I don’t know what or why .
Something about her voice, when I hear her talk it bother
the hell out of me even when she isn’t talking to me. Like
yesterday she was talking on the phone and I had to leave
the house I couldn’t stand her, like I got on the roof and
stayed there for like 3 hours, basically until it got dark
and I got cold. I don’t know today was good though. like
I didn’t feel like that today but yesterday was a whole
different story. I don’t know. Well whatever.

Oh, oh, oh yesterday I bought a guitar, I decided am going
to learn how to play it.( I hope I don’t get sick of it
soon. I tend to get bored of things easily) well I think
that’s more than enough of shit. Oh and I finally got my
god damm credit card. I though about a new tattoo to get.
I want this big scary demon like creature on my forearm, it
would look so cool. I really want to get sleeves. But I
have to wait and really think about it.( oh my am
actually thinking about it intend of just being impulsive
and starting the process like an dumb, dumb like I usually
do, ooohhhh I wonder if Essie has a fever, oooohhhh ^_^ )


Au revoir
See ya and
(damm i have to go pee really bad :) )