Nicky's World
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2002-06-07 06:48:04 (UTC)

fun stuff!

we got to lead the church service wed. it was cool. i am
going to get baptised.

brittani and briana spent the night with me last night. we
had a lot of fun!we went to briana's basketball games
today.they lost one and won one so i guess that's good. we
had to leave so i didn't get to watch the last one. they
prolly won though.

brittani is over again. she's sitting here making wierd
noises. i have gotta keep her away from the closets. she
keeps wanting to do wierd stuff with stuff in the closets.
it's funny!

we baked a cake and dedicated it drew this really cool
staff guys from camp.

i'm talking to brandon right now. i just found out that
matt and brittany broke up. i wonder why? brandon won't
tell me but i respect that.

i think matt is an awsome person. i think over camp we've
grown closer it's really cool.

well i'm out for now. bye.