I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-06-07 06:22:38 (UTC)

Late Night @ Dennys

There's this girl in my mythology class who knows
everything there is to know. She wants to major in
classical mythology. That's not what I have a problem
with. The problem that I have is that she makes random
comments and jokes (that aren't funny) and makes the rest
of us feel stupid. Now, there are only 8 people in the
class that show up regularly (I think there were 12 on the
roll) and so it gets very old, very fast. Why is she even
taking the class if she knows it all anyways? If she's
doing it to boost her GPA, fine, but don't be the smart
ass. It's fucking annoying.

I got a call from Adam. Adam is this awesome guy that I
met through John House. John House went to HS with my
sister and neighbor. John, well, I don't know what he
thinks of me, it's really hard to tell. I don't know if he
can't stand me, or think I'm stupid, or what. Adam is
going to move in with John in about 2 months, and Adam
rocks. I love this boy! Too bad he likes boys. The good
ones all seem to do. Crap. But they called me and invited
me to Denny's to hang out with them, and Adam and I got in
a food fight and it was all very entertaining. Yay for fun!

Kelly updated her diary! I'm glad things are good for you
babe, you deserve it. And do you really check mine
everyday? That makes me happy, at least I know that
someone is reading my rants (besides Chris and Mackenzie).
I didn't know I was that interesting. I miss you girly, I
wish we had been better friends before you left...I really
do consider you a close friend now. You're welcome to
visit anytime. :) I don't have many friends here either.
It's not that fun.

I miss Brandyn. I really do. Now that Melissa isn't
working, they don't need a sitter. And that makes me sad.
Maybe this weekend I'll call her up and ask if I can take
him out. That would rock!

I have a few leads on jobs. We shall see. OH!!! I HEARD A

Dear Mackenzie,
I hope you're ok.
I hope you're not stuck in some hay.
I miss reading your life,
and talking 'bout strife,
and hope to read some updates one day!
-----THE END
Like my poem?!?!? *grinning* Where have you been? Still
around? I got your note, and things are at least ok for me
at the moment. I'm working on happy. Hope you're well!!

Okay, Kelly, I miss you, Chris I love you and happy late
birthday from the worst friend in the world.