A Princess
2001-06-16 14:39:35 (UTC)

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I feel so bad, my lil baby has been online really early 2
talk to me but I couldnt get on...grrrr stupid brothers!!!
They steal the comp :( I also still feel sick which doesnt
help me, oh and to top it all off I just missed my baby, and
I just found out that he loves fairy too, I cant believe
this is happening, oh and another thing I went shopping 2day
and I saw the famous tigger pillow and of course I wasnt
allowed it, HOW UNFAIR!!! You want to know another bad
thing? its fathers day 2moro and I havent got my dad
anything!!! :( Im ill so its not my fault, I'll just give
him some money or something atleast ive got him a funky
card, its got eeyore on the front and says from ur little
ray of sunshine, so hopefully that will keep me the internet
:) Im eating way to many chewits for it to be healthy, I
need my baby to cheer me up, he can always do that ya
know...I'll suppose I'll just have to listen to him saying
"I think british girls are shexy" over and over...muhahaha,
awww I love him so much :) Well I better go for now b4 ive
ate so many chewits I feel sick...WHOA this guy just walked
past who looks exactly like dawson...Im going to get an
autograph, lata Mr. D