worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-06-07 05:48:41 (UTC)


Master likes to test me to make sure i am following his orders. i have standing instructions to always carry the following things in my pocketbook: a wooden hairbrush, a buttplug, a vibrator, handcuffs, bengay, a gag, and nipple clamps. Often i wake up to an email with additional items for that day such as a vile of my urine, an envelope with 20 pubic hairs, a picture of myself naked, etc.

Master will frequently track me down during the day to see if i have obeyed him. Even at my office he may show up unexpectedly and demand to see my hairbrush or my dirty picture. A punishment is delivered on the spot if i have been a bad girl. i am never allowed to wear underwear. One day Master visited my office and instructed me to lift my skirt. He saw that i was wearing panties that day. He shut my office door, took out my hairbrush, pulled my panties up high into my ass, and paddled me right there in my office. i was terrified that someone would hear the smacking sounds but Master did not care. i had to leave my undies wedged into me the rest of the day. Othertimes i will just get a phone call or an email. Around 10am one day i got an email that said insert your vibrator and turn it on. At 1pm Master called and told me to hold the phone up to my pussy so he could hear if i still had the vibrator on. Unfortunately i turned it off so i could sit through a meeting without fear of it being heard and forgot to turn it back on. That night my pussy was whipped soundly as punishment and i had to wear the vibrator the entire next work day without turning it off or cumming.

One day Master surprised me with a visit and brought another woman with him. i was being punished for not wearing my 7 inch spike heels to work the day before. i was told to kneel on my hands and knees with my back to the woman. She took her 7 inch spike heel and rammed it into my asshole. i was not allowed to move as she used her shoe to anally rape me. Afterwards i had to worship her shoes on my hand and knees using my tongue. Master then had me and the strange woman play some games. He attached nipple clamps to both of us and tied them together. We then played a game of tug-a-war using just our nipples to pull each other across the room. i lost. The woman was again allowed to punish me, this time by whipping my tits with a cane tens times. After each stroke i had to count it and thank her and ask for the next one. The next game was a similar tug-a-war but this time our clits were clamped and tied together from behind. We had to crawl away from each other and the first one to cross the middle line lost. i lost again. The woman was rewarded and i was punished by having to lick and suck her clit until she orgasmed. In the next game we were mounted on a double-sided dildo so it looked like we were fucking each other. We then used our bare hands to spank each other's ass and the first one to cry out lost. Again, the other woman was victorious. As a reward she was allowed to paddle my ass with my hairbrush 30 times and again i had to count each stroke and thank her and beg for the next one. She then fucked my ass with the double dildo and i was crying.

Another day at work i was given the task of writing down a new and creative punishment every hour so i had 7 to present to Master that night. It kept me very aroused and wet all day such that at one point i locked myself in the bathroom and masturbated until orgasm. i knew i would be punished for cumming without permission but Master's game was too exciting. For the next week i experienced each of the punishments i had written down and was not allowed to orgasm at all. One of my punishments was as follows: Before venturing out with Master to go shopping for the day, i was to drink large quantities of water. i was not allowed to pee all day. Then after several hours of shopping and squirming on my part, we headed back to the car. About a block away from the car Master stopped me and ordered me to piss myself, right in my jeans. We would not continue to the car until i had emptied my bladder while standing right there on the sidewalk. i had to walk the rest of the distance to the car with my pants obviously wet from an "accident" while Master walked a bit behind me to watch people stare and laugh. Even worse was, the next day Master made me wear the same jeans without being allowed to wash them. They were very stained and smelly from my pee and i was humiliated.

Sometimes at work my phone will ring for a short test, such as a single order to say "i am a fat dirty cunt" or "i like to be spanked." Knowing i am at work i say the phrase very softly so no one will hear me. This angers Master and he demands that i say it again louder. i do but not usually loud enough and Master repeats again "louder." This goes on until i am sure someone heard me and Master is satisfied. If i make him repeat himself too many times i am punished and often made to wear my nipple clamps will driving home from work for all to see. One time i had a co-worker in my office when Master called and i refused to say the phrase at all. That night i shouted it 200 times as Master spanked my ass and the next day i had it written in red marker across my tits and stomach underneath a very sheer blouse.

Another day Master found me wandering the streets during lunch. He told me to take out my buttplug, cover it in bengay and insert it. i asked him where i should go or if i should wait till i was back in my office. Master was not happy and instructed that i do it right there while standing on the street. i looked around to see if i knew anyone near by. Quickly i took out the items from my purse and slyly squeezed the bengay onto the plug. Then i reached down and up my skirt leaving it hanging to cover my ass as i struggled to insert my plug. Master then demanded that i bend over and lift my skirt so he could see that i had inserted it all the way. But he really just wanted to embarass me some more. My face grew red as i showed Master my ass quickly. As i stood up i heard his voice "not so fast, i'm not done examining you yet." i bent back down and the next few seconds felt like hours as i stood on a busy street bent over with my skirt pulled up and my Master staring at my ass. Finally i was allowed to drop my skirt but i had to leave the buring plug in the rest of the day.

i was once punished by being taken to the park. Master left me there with instructions and walked off to watch me from a distance. If i didn't comply with his instructions he told me i would be stripped naked in the middle of the park, tied to a tree, and whipped for an hour. i knew he meant business. My task was to get a stranger to give me a spanking while sitting on a park bench. i was also told that if the stranger had any other requests or demands i was to comply except that i was not to touch his privates in any way (mine however were another story). i was mortified and didn't know how to even proceed. But i only had one hour to complete the task. i found a young guy with a dog who looked somewhat sinister and i thought he was a good candidate. i approached him and flirted for a while. i told him i had a fantasy and wanted him to help me make it come true. i asked him to put me over his knee and spank my bottom soundly. He asked what was in it for him. i told him i would not have sex with him or give him head but that he could touch, humiliate, or punish me any way he wanted. He agreed. For a good five minutes he smacked my ass, hard! i thanked him and asked what he wanted in return. He grinned an evil grin. He had me bend over the back of the bench. i was only wearing a sundress and of course no panties. He called his big dog over and it began to sniff my pussy and lick me too. i was so grossed out but the guy enjoyed watching my face while his dog enjoyed my pussy for a few minutes. i was embarassed to find i was very wet and the dog almost brought me to orgasm. i thought that it was over but the man had one more demand. i was to stand in front of him with my hands behind my head while he sat on the bench and played with my tits for five minutes. i was already so humiliated because there were so many people in the park watching me, but i had to obey. For five minutes i stood stoic while he smacked my tits, twisted my nipples, and generally groped me. Finally i was allowed to return to my Master. Master was proud but i felt dirty. That was the idea. Later i learned Master had videotaped the entire session i was made to watch it many times in the future while being otherwise punished. Master loves his little tests.