something wycked
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2002-06-07 05:27:21 (UTC)

Day one


My first entry?This is real strange,and I'm not sure what
I plan to accomplish by doing all this,It seems like the
thing to do though.I met the most amazing chick a few days
ago.We've been talking alot, she seems to like me.We have
ALOT in common.So she invited me to her house yesterday,
and I think I may have blew it!!! I was just too nervous to
be myself.I've waited all day for the damn phone to ring
but all day,nothing!Maybe I should call her?Ok so I've
called her and talked to her machine.She may be at work,
asleep,or ignoring me!God,I feel like that jelly stuff that
seems faithfully present inside every can of spam(can i say
spam?).Yet I am strangely comforted by this feeling,
for I know that this shit is no less funky than the spam
itself.Enough Spamology for today.I need a job.I got fired
from my job for calling my boss a prick!!HUGE Fuckin mistake
huh?It's now 11:45 and Anna still hasn't called,which
probably means she wont.Right now I'm jumping to every
conclusion in the world.Insecurity always seems to be my
downfall!!!Amanda just signed on,so maybe I'll talk to her.
Maybe.I am soooo not hungry,but my food is here now,and I
realy should eat at least once today!Life,we all spend so
much time searching for answers,that we seem to forget
exatly what the questions are.What are the questions?
Are there questions?If there are questions,are there
answers?And most importantly,if there are answers,do we
realy wanna know them?Ok so theres my philosophy on life!!
Just kidding!!!Enough typing for one day though,so I'm gonna relax in
tha pool for a bit,and call it a nite!