Goddess-Girl's Thoughts
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2001-06-16 13:59:55 (UTC)

The Madness Of 18

I went to my friend Inga's 18th Birthday Party. It was
soooooooo much fun! I think i was like one of the only ones
that didn't drink any alcohol. Oh except Shiree didn't
either. I tasted Shiree's RedEye and it was way sweet. I
don't know how anyone can drink a whole bottle of that.
There was an electronic jukebox in the loungeroom. That was
wicked cool!! I did a naughty though, I pressed a whole
heap of "poppy" songs that I like or used to like when i
was younger that I know everyone else pretty much hates.
When I left the party those songs hadn't started playing
yet so they're probably suffering them now heheehe :O)

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