the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2002-06-07 03:57:22 (UTC)

17 or 71

humm i dunno it seems to me like there is no real person
out there for anybody .. who knows what the hell a soul
mate is any way I have been mentaly fucked by every guy I
have known since age 14 .. can u believe that I have not
found a single person who has not hurt me in some way ..
and i bet u are thinking that i like to be the victim.. my
ass i do .. i wanna be happy like everyone eles .. but it
hurts to be happy .. some times i wake up and it hurts to
breath hurts to think .. it hurts to feel ..
physically i am 17 .. mentaly i am 71.. i feel so old and
young at the same time .. i feel like with every step i
take and every breath I take some part of me is dieing
inside and out
and this was not comforted when last night i saw that i am
going to die on October 20 ,2052 .. so i guess cherish it
while u can b/c before u know it this pitiful life we all
know is going to end ..