Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-06-07 03:54:15 (UTC)

Today was Great

My mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. Today was
her second CAT scan. She's gone through 3 chemo treatments
and she had a round of radiation. Today she found out that
the large mass was completely gone and the smaller one is
believed to be scar tissue. I'm so happy. She still has to
do at least one more week of chemo and maybe 2 more after
that, but she wont' know until the 18th. She also has to
take radiation to the brain so that a tumor is prevented.

I'm talking to Tiffeny. I'm trying not to like her. and
it's not too hard. I just want her and Adam out of my life
and let me get over him before she asks me if I thought he
was a good kisser or not. I dont need this right now.

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