2002-06-07 03:09:27 (UTC)


i want to die
i hate myself and everything i do
i just want to die
everyone lies to me
i cant trust anybody
not even myself
i want to be loved but i cant
im such a sad person
i dont belong on earth
im too sad
i cant be loved
it just doesent work
nobody can love someone like me
im ugly
a loser
a pain in the ass
and just all around . . .
a bitch
people hate me
they tolerate me
Y cant they just tell me
that they hate me
and get it over withgeez im such a loser
i i cant even deal with myself
i really just want to die
i . . . i dont know
i dont know how to deal with this
with this . . . extreme saddness
i feel it
i constantly want to die
everyday . . .
i think why in the hell am i still here
why dont i get it over with
but i just dont know
im so confused
why the hell dont i just die?
why dont i die already and make this world a little happier??

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