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2002-06-06 23:58:12 (UTC)

A day without Mel = Carol is with herself

Today was Wednesday. A day with sunlight. But I am still
Mel is there but she is far from me.
Carol is trying to do not see that her aparted boyfriend
does not like her. It was because his lack of personality
that Carol decided to apart of him. Maybe he never had
liked her. Just he thought she was a little girl for
entertainment. When his friends were not there.
She said to me that life could be different and she could
see future before. I did know it would happen. But I knew
that if I edge her and told about lies of those false
friends in future some people could guile her. And I could
not be there to defend. It was important for her understand
herself feelings. And she learnt how lies could make sorrow
to truly feelings. And how truly friends are more important
than false friends and their lies.
Now I will help her and it could save me too. Because I need
truly friends. And they are so far from me.
Better day for me and for my truly friends in my big city.
To be with my heart.